What is Xposed Framework & Xposed Modules?


Android is usually known for its Customization But Sometimes it is Limited to Adding Widgets, customizing your home screen if you don’t have rooted and Xposed installed on your device. A whole lot of customization to System is possible to tons of users is because of Xposed modules. Ever had Que. That what is it? What does it do? And How to get it working on your device?  Want to know more about Xposed? Keep reading this post you will get to know how to use Xposed Framework and How to Use Xposed modules.

      Before getting Started you need to know Basic concepts like Root, Custom Recovery. 

Yes, you need rooted device obviously to install and use Xposed modules.

Are you not aware of Rooting & Custom Recoveries? No problem head over to this post it explains it all

 please note that in this tutorial I am going to cover Xposed installation part for Devices running Android version Newer than Android lollipop 5.0 .

Xposed framework

Xposed framework Cover Snapdragon Beast

What is Xposed Framework?

The Xposed Framework is a Framework that allows Android Users to make System Level Changes without installing Custom ROM. Xposed Framework is Developed by rovo89 XDA Recognized Developer .

There are many possibilities just by using Xposed Framework. Xposed requires taking Root Permission. Allow it to make a lot of changes which were impossible without changing to Custom ROM. You can Customize Status Bar. You can add an extra menu or any app which you want in Settings. Most trending Use Xposed modules now a day is Pokémon go so you can actually control and play Pokémon go without going out and comfortably sitting at your home and many more possibilities.

Installing Xposed Framework:

So How to Get Xposed Modules working on your Device? It is simple. Just a few taps, reboot and you are ready to experience it.

Please Proceed only if you have rooted device and Custom recovery installed on your device. if you don’t have done it yet do that then follow along with this tutorial.

1. go to this link: Click here

2. download Xposed Framework  for your Device

Too many Options right there ? Don’t know which one is perfect for your device? Don’t worry I will help you to choose the right one.

we don’t want our readers to face any issue or brick their devices.

If you are using Android ver. Lollipop 5.0.  then choose SDk21,  for Lollipop 5.1. Then choose SDK22,  and for Marshmallow 6.0. Then choose SDK23.

Also, you need to choose right processor Architecture . if you are confused which one to choose  Just keep in mind “arm64 is 64 bit processors, arm is normal 32bit, x86 is Intel” if you Still don’t know which one will Suit your Device better. Then Follow this Article to Check your Processor Architecture Click here

Download Latest available version.

Don’t forget to Download Xposed Framework uninstaller zip. If anything goes wrong and your device is stuck in Boot loop, then you can Uninstall it from recovery.

If anything goes wrong and your device is stuck in Boot loop, then you can  recover it from Bootloop by Flashing Xposed Uninstaller zip from recovery.

Note : these Frameworks are usually compatible with AOSP ROM & CM based ROMs.
Please do not try it on Highly themed Custom version of androids like Touchwiz and MIUI. You might end up with Bricked device. It is highly recommended not to try it on such ROMS.

3. Boot into your Custom Recovery as we need to flash that downloaded Xposed Framework zip on your Device.

4. Now reboot your Device.
5. download and install Xposed installer apk you can get it from here: Click here 
6. open Xposed Installer
7. Go to Framework tab and Check your Device Showing Xposed Framework is Active.

that’s it Congrats!!! Now Xposed Framework is Working on your Device.

Getting any error ? Please let us know in comments.

Xposed modules


What are Xposed modules?

Xposed is a framework for Modules by which it can change the behavior of system and apps without touching any apk. Xposed modules can add Functionalities to System in addition . Which is Great because modules can work on different versions and ROMs. When you make Changes with Xposed modules  those changes are done in memory. If you  want to disable changes . then you just have to disable module from Modules tab to get the system back to the original. There are many Advantages of using Xposed modules.

For making any changes, you need to Download Xposed Modules
You can download Xposed Modules from Modules tab. I will tell you how to Use Xposed Modules
all you have to do is Download a Xposed module from Download tab. Search for it.

  1. Download a Xposed module from Download tab.
  2. Search for the Xposed module which you want to install.
  3. Download it and Install it.
  4. Go to Modules TAB and Activate module.
  5. Reboot your Device

That’s it .

Congrats , Now Xposed Modules Working on your android phone.

Xposed Modules which you should try.

Few Xposed Modules you must try

1. GravityBox – It has most of the features that you must have. features Included : Advanced Power menu, lock screen Customization, Customize navigation bar size, you to add pie control to your Android Device.
2. Xstana – it will allow you to change your Status bar icons & Navigation bar icons.
3. Settings Editor – it will allow you to add more options to the settings menu.
4. Pokemon GO Controls – for Pokemon Go Lovers 😉
5. Zoom for Instagram– allow you to zoom Instagram photos.
6. Amplify – to save battery and improve battery backup

want more exposed modules ? click Just Click on Download tab From Xposed Installer App 🙂

Or directly by Going to this site: Click here 

Explore Xposed Download Tab you will find many Useful Xposed Modules for your Device.

That’s it for this article.

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